Semi-Face Bricks

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Engineering 70+Mpa Solid Brick

Engineering 70+Mpa Solid Brick

More about Semi-Face Bricks

Clay bricks have been the most common type of building material used for many years all over the world. Unlike other types of building materials like timber and stone, clay bricks require the least amount of skill and building tools to build with. Clay bricks are better than any other type of bricks when it comes to shades, textures, strength and durability.

semi face bricks

A Semi face brick is a type of clay brick that does not require plastering or painting as it comes in a variety of textures and colors. It is mainly used for it’s aesthetic qualities. Semi face bricks can be used in the building of interior or exterior walls of a building. They give any building a unique look depending on how they are used. They can also be used inside a building as feature wall as well.

semi-faced bricks

Manufacturing Process

Semi face bricks are made from clay, they are molded into shapes, textured and then fired or baked in a kiln. Some of the bricks have a ceramic glaze or have a rough or “struck” face, where that face is to be used on the exterior part of the wall. The length and temperature used to bake semi faced clay bricks gives these bricks their color, toughness and durability. The color of the bricks also depend on the type and color of the clay used. Semi face bricks come in an assortment of colors that vary from light colors like white, cream, yellow to darker shades of reds, browns and even black.

Semi face bricks come in beautiful hues that provide endless creative opportunities for any design plan. They make beautiful boundary walls, garden walls and features. They also complement the final image of any building making it unique and helps maintain its look for ages.

Cost Considerations

Since face bricks cost more than stock bricks per brick, it is naturally assumed that it is the more expensive choice. This is a common mistake made by many as the whole cost is not taken into consideration. Semi face bricks do cost more at first but you will save more money in the long run. While stock bricks might be cheaper per brick they cost a lot more to be maintained. To be regarded as a finished product after building, they have to be plastered and then painted, which means they need to be repainted every few years not counting the cost of paying someone to do it for you. Semi face bricks on the other hand do not need any finishing touches. They also do not require any maintenance and they keep their façade for a long period of time often looking fresh many year’s later.


Semi face bricks are made of clay and offer you the same benefits that stock bricks offer, that is they are:

  • Fire resistant and will not easily collapse
  • Environmentally friendly and are fully recyclable into crushed stone which is then used in other building processes. They have a low carbon foot print
  • They have excellent thermal mass properties, keeping the building cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • They are good noise insulators, cutting down on noise infiltrating through the walls, which helps keep noise out.
  • They are water resistant thus protecting your building from dampness and insect infestations.

Semi face bricks come in two grading’s:

  • SW- severe weather- these bricks can tolerate harsh climates and severe weather conditions below freezing point.
  • MW- medium weather- these bricks can be used in areas which have below freezing point temperatures but less moist conditions.
    You would be making an excellent decision by choosing to build using semi faced bricks


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